School History

The Past and The Future’s Insight

In 1987, Roshnee Islamic School opened its doors of learning and it grew in excellence on the perseverance, dedication, commitment and sincere action of men who wanted to add value to South Africa through education. Later in the progress of the school and the establishment of its new premises in 1998 in Dadaville another giant leap by the board was to establish two computer centres. The school offered free adult computer literacy classes to the underprivileged. Later in the progress of the school and the establishment of its new premises in 1998, the Board Of Governers (BOG) opened a school in Vereeniging. The school, Reya Ruta, caters for gr 1 – gr 6 and pupils from the disadvantaged communities attend this school. Pupils of excellence from this school are selected to attend Roshnee Islamic School to complete their high school. In this way there is a feeling of adding value to our country’s aims and objects of nation building. Furthermore, we have taken the Roshnee Nursery Pre School under our wing and now, we are a fully fledged school with intentions of taking this school from good to great.

With bigger and better infrastructure we are able to offer sports facilities for tennis, netball ,volleyball and soccer. In the sporting arena , we have learners receive their National Colours in cricket, horse riding and squash.

Through the RCL we allow learners to coordinate fundraisers, cultural activities, get involved in community and international relief projects, visit the sick , visit orphan and aged, assist in the weekly hospital feeding scheme among many other projects.

Roshnee Islamic School is now over 30 years old and has a strong academic record, a very active RCL, dedicated teachers and a visionary BOG. We hope to establish a better sports culture at the school through a strategic plan. The legacy the school hopes for is not to be known for churning out pupils with academic excellence only, or to be known as a school for 100% pass rates rather, it is to cultivate the quality of service to humanity.